12 More Questions for Product Teams

In the beginning, it is impossible to have all the right answers. Instead, focus on having the right questions. Here is an additional systematic flow of questions to help product teams develop new products and features. 

  1. Who are your customers?

  2. What known problems do they face?

  3. What undefined problems do they face?

  4. How are they currently solving their problems?

  5. In what ways are the current solutions solving their problems?

  6. In what ways are the current solutions not solving their problems?

  7. What do your customers want in relation to their problems?

  8. What do your customers need in relation to their problems?

  9. How can you fulfill your customers various needs and wants?

  10. How can you reach them to tell them about your solution?

  11. How can you convince them that your solution will solve some or all of their wants and needs in relation to their defined problems?

  12. How can you deliver your solution to your customers?